The World's Clouds in 2018

Of all the resources provided for free by the weather, sunshine is perhaps the most appreciated. Yet, the sunniest places -- deserts -- can be among the most difficult for large numbers of people to inhabit. Check out the maps to see ...

  • The equator is not particularly sunny -- some places like Borneo in Indonesia are cloudy year-round
  • The sunniet regions tend to be on land, near zones of sinking air at around 30 degrees North and South
  • In Australia, the sunniest weather is in late winer (July and August south of the equator).

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The maps and data are courtesy of the Copernicus Climate Change service.

The data is freely available (with a registered account) through the

Climata Data Store Toolbox. The Toolbox includes a (beta) Python API that lets you generate images, download files, and more with customized data processing.

A special thanks to all the scientists and developers whose hard work has made amazing visualizations like these available to the public!

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